International Cooperation

The School of Human Rights Research seeks and promotes international cooperation with like-minded institutions for the benefit of academic research, training, and education in the field of human rights. For that purpose the School exchanges information necessary for educational and research activities, encourages educational and research activities involving other institutions with similar interests and engages in conducting joint research and the offering of graduate training courses.

The School organizes conferences, seminars and lecture series in different topics related to human rights. Other areas of activities include collaborative research, potential short-term visits abroad to other institutions which can be facilitated by the School, and the appointment of visiting scholars. Short-term training courses are mainly offered by the School to its junior researchers.

Amongst others, the School cooperates with Case Western Reserve University, Central European University, Emory University, the University of Haifa, the Institute of Law and Public Policy (Moscow), Moscow State Institute of International Relations, New York School of Law, the North-West Academy of Public administration (St. Petersburg) Northwestern University, RenMin University, Rhodes University, the Russian School for Private Law, Queen’s University Belfast, Tsinghua University, Vanderbilt University, Washington University (St. Louis) and Zhejiang University.

Within the Netherlands the School cooperates with the equally internationally-oriented CERES research school, which represents the great majority of researchers in the Netherlands engaged in development-oriented studies.