School of Human Rights Research Series

The School of Human Rights Research Series is a joint effort by human rights researchers in the Netherlands and consists of Ph.D. theses defended within the School. Its central research theme is the nature and meaning of international standards in the field of human rights, their application and promotion in the national legal order, their interplay with national standards, and the international supervision of such application. The School of Human Rights Research Series traces the history and the development of the human rights movement. Through its distinctive interdisciplinary approach, the series provides a powerful insight into recent developments in the field of human rights - their promotion, implementation and monitoring. Anyone directly involved in the definition, study, implementation, monitoring, or enforcement of human rights will find this series an indispensable reference tool. To go to the publisher’s overview of all books in the series, click here.

Newsletter of the School of Human Rights Research

The Newsletter appears four times a year to inform the members of the School and the broader human rights community about the activities of the School. It includes an agenda, reports of the School’s activities, interviews with recently graduated Ph.D. students and other articles. Its Editorial Board is composed of representatives from all the participating institutions. Contributions, reactions or comments about the Newsletter can be sent to

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