January 2012
February 2012
March 2012
08.01.2012, 13:00 Symposium "Exploring No Man's Land in International (Criminal) Law"
10.01.2012 17:15 - 19:45 Lecture "Fighting and Procecuting Pirates"
24.01.2012 Debate "Strengthening the Strasbourg Court by Restoring Checks and Balances?"
26.01.2012, 09:30 lustrumcongres "Het kind in immigratierecht" (Children under immigration law)
27.01.2012, 09:30 Seminar "Imagery of transitional justice"
07.02.2012 - 09.02.2012 Seminar “Legal Pluralism: The case of South-Africa and lessons for other countries” by Prof. Christa Rautenbach
10.02.2012 10:00 - 12:00 Joint Session Working Groups "Human Rights, Universalism and Relativism" and the "Africa Working Group"
10.02.2012, 16:15 Inaugural address Rianne Letschert: "Between Rights and Realism: Sustainable reparation after mass victimisation"
24.02.2012, 16:15 PhD defence Marianne Hirsch Ballin “Anticipative Criminal Investigation’, ‘Theory and Counterterrorism Practice in the Netherlands and the United States”
07.03.2012 - 08.03.2012 Introductory Course
15.03.2012, 12:45 PhD defence Marthe Lot Vermeulen "Enforced Disappearance: Determining International State Responsibility under the ICPPED"
16.03.2012 09:00 - 17:00 International Conference "30 years Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM): Regional Human Rights Systems - Tools for Social Justice?"
16.03.2012 Valedictory address Fried van Hoof: ”Het Europese Hof voor de Rechten van Mens verdient een 'eerlijke behandeling' ('fair trial') [The Euorpean Court of Human Rights deserves a 'fair trial']
21.03.2012 - 23.03.2012 Seminar “Law and Development: 25 years after the Adoption of the Declaration on the Right to Development” (working title), by Prof. Ruth Okediji
30.03.2012 14:45 - 18:00 Article 1 Lecture by Jenny Goldschmidt