Ph.D. Training Programme

The training programme of the School of Human Rights Research is offered to all PhD researchers registered with the School. The programme is supplementary to the courses which the faculty (partner-university of the School) that has appointed them have marked as obligatory (e.g. general skills training like writing scientific texts) and courses which match the individual wishes of the PhD researcher. Examples of the latter are computer and language courses which are chosen after consultation with their supervisor and followed at the university where they are stationed.

The training programme of the School of Human Rights Research is prepared by the Graduate Programme Committee which is composed of:

Ms A.S.A. van Woensel (chair Graduate Programme Committee and education officer School of Human Rights Research:

Mrs Vanessa Los (registrar School of Human Rights Research:

Ms. C. Qiao (Utrecht University:

Mr R. Zandvliet (Leiden University:

Mr D. Djukic (Tilburg University:

Mr S. Philipsen (Erasmus University Rotterdam:

Mr Y. Liang (Maastricht University:

Ms J. Dorsey (T.M.C. Asser Institute:

Mr. V. Vleugel (University of Amsterdam:

Mr. A. Knottnerus (University of Groningen:

The education officer of the School, Agnes van Woensel, can act as a mediator if a PhD researcher is interested in following courses given at one of the Faculties participating in the School that are in principle only open to PhD researchers who are employed by that particular Faculty.

The training programme will be sent to all PhD researchers registered with the School twice a year; in August/September and an up-date in January/February. It consists of eight parts; particular attention is asked for parts A-D (obligatory to all PhD researchers), parts E-H contain interesting courses, seminars, conferences etc.

Announcements concerning the various events will be made by e-mail and/or through the Newsletter of the School of Human Rights Research, which is published four times a year. The full agenda of the School can be found at the website of the School: Usually, registration for the events is necessary at the organizing university unless stated otherwise.


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